Friday, January 6, 2012

We are always learning...

I thought I might post some upcoming classes that I am teaching at my favourite scrap booking store. Perhaps those of you that are in, or visiting, the lovely city of Sydney, Australia (which is gloriously showing off her beauty today at the time of posting this today, I might add) may be interested.
Fantasia is at Taren Point in the southern suburbs of Sydney.
Here is the link and you can check out the calendar page for the Taren Point store for dates.
Hope to see you there.

This is a school holiday kids class. I thought I would let the kids look at their lunch bags in a different way. So I have come up with a very simple version of the paper bag mini album. They will make this album themselves and can then go home and replicate it if they wish to make more. Boys will of course have a "not so girly" choice of papers! I love having the boys in the class, they had some extra zest and balance to everything.

Mmmmmm Male cards. A bit of a challenge sometimes. I quite like this nature style paper. It has a tough and robust "guy" feel about it. I used lots of shapes and blocks of colour and print. Defined and sharp shapes too keep the blokey feel about it all. Of course I can never resist a bit of ribbon and things to keep the flow...maybe the guys won't notice?

Well while I was on a roll with the male cards I thought I would then use what was left of my mojo in this genre and extend it to some cards for little boys. I love this paper. It's so cool. Lots of bright bold colours and a few interesting ways to combine them. Kites and diamonds and stars, oh what fun!


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  1. Love the boys papers and also the little boys... colours are exciting!! xx