Saturday, February 4, 2012

Next cab off the rank...

As well as the Graphic45 class mentioned in the post below, I have managed to pump out the last of the 4 cards using the Webster's paper. Oh boy was that a task, of course the paper is divine, it was my mojo that was the problem. I was running dry and I sat and looked at that blank 4th card for hours...and hours...and hours... After a few cups of Dilmah later I came up with something and it wasn't too bad. Quite pretty actually. That will run on Saturday March 17.

Well today was another successful class at Fantasia. We made the Cards for Guys. I think this Kaisercraft paper is perfect. It's always difficult to make male cards. I think I have mentioned before, it's just an instinct to reach for the ribbons and flowers but no no no, not today. It was all blokey today. I think we had a good time, a great bunch of lovely ladies Marion, Jennifer, Cheryl, another Cheryl (yes it got a bit hectic, I am bad with names at the best of times but when they double up on me I am a blubbering mess) and Sue and of course from the first time this class was run we had Mary and Pam. Yes so it was a bit of fun. Hello Ladies! I know you will read this so I thought I would give you a mention...gee I hope I haven't left anyone out? They all left happy so that makes me happy  :)  Clap clap clap for you ladies, a job well done! Oh yes and thanks for leaving the whole bowl of choccie bikkies behind, I will confirm that I ate only 2. I then palmed them off to Sue in the store and when I left she was very bravely doing her best to abstain...

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  1. Leah, I love the 'vintage' look of those papers, cards with the butterflies...really lovely....xx