Sunday, August 19, 2012

Starting from scrap...back to basics.

Hey everyone! What's been happening? Sorry have been very busy lately and no time to blog. (Hey how funny that the spell check does not recognise the word 'blog'.) Just a note to catch up with what I am working on...
A beginners scrap booking page class is coming up. There are already quite a few ladies signed up, it should be fun and I am really looking forward to it. We will look at and gossip about all the basics, such as colour, balance, matts, weights, space, dimension, photos, patterned paper, adhesives, cutting, journaling, titles etc. etc. and anything else we can think of. I will be using this photo of me and will post a photo probably tomorrow of the page (well some of it, you have to come to the class to see it all...). This pic of of me at Coogee Beach, where I grew up. My best friend (who also grew up there with me) took me there for lunch a few months back. We just went and got "back to basics" where we started, it was a lovely day, hence one reason for the photo choice of back to basics...

Here's a clue..I am using navy blue, lime and browns...mmm interesting. Stay tuned.


  1. Leah, this photo is just gorgeous!!! I haven't seen you for so long and you look stunning....
    you go girl!!! xxx

  2. Ohhhh geee thanks beautiful girlfriend,what a sweet thing to say. I love you xoleah :)