Friday, February 18, 2011


Well this one is not really I story I guess. More like little "chat" than a story.
I made these tag books from Bella plain tags. Great value. I think you get 12 tags in each pack. I only used 6 for each book. You still get 12 pages though because you can use the front and backs.
I made them up for my girls as little "brag" type books I guess you could say. I also used them in a class (twice!) for kids scrapbooking. I think they had a great time in the class and enjoyed putting their own ideas and creativity into their mini tag albums.
The top one (the pink one) is not quite finished so I had better get to it and finish it. Actually I will do that tonight. I have just written a mental note to do that. I need to tie some ribbons on it to tart it up a bit and it should look special. It doesn't take long to come together and it's a little keepsake that can be dedicated to something (2010, school ,dance, trip etc...) or nothing, just to stick random, (as the kids say, too many times in one sentence for my liking *frown here*) photos in. The hard part is actually getting the time to stick the photos in. Guess that's number 2 on the mental list now...oh how random...*still frowning*


  1. oh my goodness TM, they're just soooo cute!!
    I've never seen anything like them.

  2. Wow....Leah these are gorgeous, love 'em xx