Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yes well this is something a little different to my previous posts. It's a shadow box frame with a photo of our two girls. The theme is "wish". We asked them what they would wish for and they said they would like to go to Fiji. I enlarged and cropped the photo to fit the frame and then stuck real beach sand (with glue) to the bottom half of the photo blending into the sand in the photograph. I added a "wish" rub on as would have been discovered under the sand. A few starfish, shells etc and I am happy with it. Not too fussy as it distracts from the photograph. I have seen people puzzle at why they photograph is of the back view of the girls. Well this is because for those who know them, their mannerisms and stance depicts their personalities without even needing to see their faces. This was their first overseas trip and they were exploring the ocean. A bit hesitantly I must say. Perhaps it was their recent knowledge that there may be sea snakes lurking by....? (and there was! *aaaaarggh!*)

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