Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Boys Cards aaarrrggghhh!

For some reason I find boy's cards very challenging. I have 2 girls so maybe I just don't have the creative mind set for boy stuff. Don't get me wrong, I love creating no matter what it is but I just find that I sit down to start and I go blank. I find myself automatically reaching for flowers, bling and pink. For the "seven" card above I stamped the letters with some foam Making Memories stamps that I have (and use a lot!) onto cardstock. Then I cut around them leaving a slight border. After that I added some faux stitching with a fine marker pen. I popped a few clear adhesive bubbly spot thingoes on to add a bit of dimension and interest. Topped the card face with some funky paper and used foam dots to pop out the letters. A cute die cut bought online and 3 eyelets for exhaust bubbles. A tiny bit of ric rac (there is the girly thing again) and some spiders. Not too bad. Considering kids never look at the card anyway, they just want the pressie, I didn't want to put too much energy in to it.

The "ten" card below was a similar thing just a bit more grown up. Darker colours and a bit of string, faux leather stringing and some brads. I think it was for one of those laser type parties so I was trying to get some element of battle (oh I hate saying that but that's what it is I guess?). Anyway not too bad I suppose for a last minute creation. I am sure it ended up in the bin a few hours after that so why do I do this??? Hmmmmmm...

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  1. I'm truly envious TM!
    I'd be sitting at my cutting board (or whatever you use) for daaaaays to come up with the tiniest idea - so totally NOT creative!
    Keep up the piccies......love seeing your creations!