Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fantastic folding!

*Click on the photos to make them bigger....      :)

Well here they all are, fantastically folding their little fingers off. Well it was a full house for sure, so I hope that I was able to provide attention in the  right capacity to everyone. We had a few new faces today and it was a delight to meet them. I am hoping that they will come back again and we can have another few hours of fun. No fancy plate or photo for the muffin photo today as I ran out of time. They didn't last long and once again I think that they were enjoyed. (Banana and Choc chip yum yum!)

So a HUUUUGEEE thank you to Pam, Kathy, Barbara, Mandy, Isobel, Joan, Barbara, Leslie, Belinda, Mary, Meredith, Robin and Jan.. (We missed you Dolly...) woot woot, what a great day scrapping (well card making to be painfully accurate) we had, THANKS AGAIN ladies I had a ball!     


  1. Leah - I love love love the cards - and the muffins were yummy too, thank you.

  2. That's wonderful!! Thank you so much for the comment and I look forward to us having more fun with paper again soon...xleah

  3. I am SO going to do one of your classes one day (9 hour drive or not) I will go ANYWHERE for muffins!!!