Monday, June 4, 2012

Pineapple Tarts

Here's a page I did last year. It's one of my best friend's (yes I am sooo lucky to have more than 1 best friend)
and I continuing our tradition of taste testing pineapple tarts. We test them from anywhere we are and compare notes...we do have a favourite so far. We have been do this for 30 'ish' years...yum yum...
I love the balance of this page and the circular theme of the pineapple tarts. 

I have removed her name to protect the innocent (that would be her not me...) and besides she will kill me if's ok, I will win her over with another...Pineapple tart.


  1. Ha ha ha...that's a great thing to share!! Guess what? I sell Pineapple Tarts! ha ha.... xxx

  2. OMG!! Well I will just have to try another one of my best friends pineapple tart won't I? I bet it will be the best yet...xxleah