Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun fun fun

What a great day we had today!! SO much fun. I am waiting for the beautiful Dolly to email me the class photo and I will put it here on the blog. Thank you ladies for joining me today, it was a delight to see you all again.  We had a few new ladies today and I am hoping that they will return for more fun. Once again the muffins were appreciated. We munched our way through them and this week they were Orange and Poppyseed mini's. Just to confirm that I really do wake early to bake them fresh I have included a photo below and you can actually see the morning sun shining on them through the kitchen window. I decided that with the theme of the class being colourful matt backgrounds, I should have the muffins in colourful cupcake holders, and here they are... so come on Dolly, we are waiting for the photo hunny bunny.....

OK, so while wandering the creative abundant aisles of Fantasia, I saw these beautiful papers. There are not Christmas papers, but I just thought that they had a little jingle bell *ring* about them. Would you agree? I think Christmas is a time of fun and frivolity and a few wines so I don't tend to lean towards the traditional Christmas hues. I much prefer a cheeky approach with a little "mmmm that's different" feeling for my cards. SO I have chosen the papers below and accompanied them some Kaisercraft Christmas stamps. Now, to create a Christmas class. "What??? Christmas??", I hear you say. Well "Yes", you will hear me say. By the time Christmas rolls around it is oh so busy and too much to do, no time to sit and make cards, so let's get cracking soon. Nothing like being prepared.
Watch this space.

These papers below also managed to hook me by the arm, and tweek my chin. I like the boldness of them. I like  the way they say, "Yes I am bold and beautiful, and proud of it!", so I have taken them home to see what will become of them. This should make an interesting class.

                                     The next class is the tre chic with some more fancy type folds.

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  1. OMG you creatively Rock!!!! When I win lotto I'm coming down to do all of your classes. Love the colours, designs, layouts and muffins!!!!!
    Your adoring fan Karen :)

  2. Oh Karen, gee are you kidding me? Thank You but you are a constant source of creative and personal inspiration to me so I should be THANKING YOU!!!!!! xxxleah :)