Monday, July 30, 2012

More fascinating folds

So I have no idea where this eventuated from. I sat staring blankly at some paper then picked up some different paper and ended up with this lot? The creative brain is such a mess of thoughts isn't it? Funny how it can be such a mess and end up spitting out some orderly and precise? How doe it do that? Anyway, here is the class after the next class. There are 3 new gorgeous folds for you to use on your next cards...
Clases are Monday 27 August 10am - 12 and again on Saturday 8th September 11am - 1pm. Call Fantasia to book 9524 8688...


  1. Awww, those lil birdies are so cute... <(')>

  2. Yeah they are aren't they? Good thing about these cards April is that any paper can be used. It does not have to be cutesy birdies...but I love them...xleah

  3. I loved them as soon as I saw the birds..the folding is just fantastic and really gives them some great dimension. Colours are all gorgeous together too :)