Friday, July 20, 2012

There's a baby on the way...

NO NOT MINE....calm down girlies...(been there done that twice, not doing it again...)
One of my best friends is having a beautiful baby. He will arrive in October. Wooo hoooo.... *big claps and jumping up and down inserted here*

So to go with the mummy's chosen theme of the "jungle" for the nursery I have chosen this little bundle for the invites. Do you like it? So cute huh?  I will show you what develops from here on. I have it all in my head already. The invites need to be posted easily so I will have to restrain  myself with the bulkiness and  try to go simple (as you know, that is not easy for me...) mmmm....tap tap tap... thinking.


  1. so nice....can't wait to see what you create with all of this lovely stuff :) I know it will be sensational!!

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  3. Thanks Karen! :) You are so special! They did turn out quite cute. Can you believe that I made 27 invites and posted them off to QLD and didn't take a photo???? What a fruitcake I am.....xxxleah