Friday, April 13, 2012

Cute slider card

I thought we might make this cute slider card at the next kids class? Yes well some may say that it's a little ambitious for kids, but after the way they handled the mini box I think they can do it. I try to focus on the actual construction so that they can go home and re create more. They are given a simple instruction sheet to help them along so it's not so bad. They said they wanted something interactive, so I think that this is one of the simpler style of interactive cards. I believe on the Fantasia website that it says we are making the box but we are going to have a try at the slider card, so the previous class participants can come along again if they wish and learn something new!

Of course we will make it a little bit "fancy" with a few ribbons and things but this is the basic item. (I was in a bit of rush to get it done and it was very at night...the usual mantra for us dedicated scrapbookers...when the house sleeps, we scrap)
The class is on Wednesday 18th April, 11 - 1230 - $15, book at Fantasia 9524 8688

Of course this Saturday I am going to have a blast with my lovely ladies at the Concertina Mini class, 1 - 3pm, be there or be a concertina mini. Mmmmm, I think I will stick to scrapbooking, my comedy attempts don't seem to go down so well...

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