Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rockin' denim done

OMG! Thank goodness that paper chose ME. Creating these cards, I was at fever pitch, creative ideas flying around with abandoned. I am in love with these cards. If I am allowed to say so, I think they are my flavourites... that's all you get to see until the class. If you would like to join me and some other lovely gals and have a bit of craetive fun then call Fantasia 9524 8688 and book in quick. It's Sunday the 27th May $25 11am to 1pm..ish...I will endeavour to bring along morning tea with some related link to denim and lace...gee I had better start thinking. I am not promising though...

There are 3 cards and they are not difficult but a teeny bit time consuming. You will be rewarded for your effort though, they are lovely. It's ok, you can do it. I will help you...


  1. These cards are awesome, I've seen them IRL. Go Leah you are on fire......

    1. Ooohh you're the best, thanks Sue!. Of course, you are my mentor and positive "you can do it" coach, so without your wonderful encouragment it would be very faded and frayed denim....hehehehe xxxleah